Gift economy

Earth gives us unconditionally, without asking anything in return. The sun, the air, the water are equally given to us freely. Therefore, when we wish to connect to nature and live in harmony with it, shouldn’t we respect its universal principle : Give without asking anything in return ? 

We dream of a place where nothing would have a price, where money would be obsolete, where goods and services would be shared between each other. Each one could give and receive freely. We wish to build such a place where trust is more important than a bank account.

On a practical level, it means to offer our surplus we produce and organise workshops and free events, without asking for something in return !

However, we are aware that, from one way or another, money will be used in the process, whether it is to pay state’s taxes or for certains essential needs that couldn’t be satisfy without a monetary exchange. But we want to be fully transparent with it, another pillar of Eotopia is a clear communication, within the ecovillage and outside of it, via the website, about the different needs of the community. Thus, the people who want to help the project will have the possibility to give money, knowing exactly how it will be spent. Concerning the material goods, all that is second-hand is obviously preferred.on the long run,.

On the long run, Eotopia aim to test gift economy, and enrich the reflexion on the topic, providing a practical experience centered on the quest for means and clues to reduce to a maximum the monetary exchanges.
… By the way… why boycott money ?? Because, we have to admit it, our project is not only a desire to live simply, happy, to come closer to nature and learn to espect it, but also a true call of rebellion against the world of finance and all the systems which dominate beings on this planet. To know more about why, we recommend the book of Charles Eisenstein, Sacred economics :