Low carbon village

Our planet is suffering, no one can ignore it anymore, and with her, beings of all sorts, humans and non-humans. But we love her, and we can’t bear to continue poisoning her, to destroy all what makes her so beautiful and vital. We belong to her, not the contrary, without her, without her good health, we don’t exist.  As a consequence, we thrive to ensure our happiness does not plunder her resources but instead make them fructify. To take good care of earth, is to take care of each one of us.Permaculture combined to veganism, the ecology of human and non-human relations, to the reuse of resources that already exist.  (in opposition to the unceasing creation of new goods which need fossil energy…) diminish our negative impact, and can even transform into positive inputs.

Per average, a french person emit more than 8 tonnes of CO2 in the atmosphere per year. We commit to reduce our emission to a minimum, going as soons as possible under 1 tonnes per year.