Living together

In the forest each individual is part of the whole. At Eotopia, we live together and interdependently. Each one of us evolves in consciousness, both inside our hearts and outside our bodies, in a language of peace and harmony.. (more…)


The forest has a balance where each individual finds their place while respecting the place of others. At Eotopia, we strive for harmony by drawing inspiration from this balance. We only consume what is necessary for our well-being while trying as much as possible to preserve the surrounding resources and ecosystems.. (more…)

Gift Economy

The forest gives without counting and is expects nothing in return. At Eotopia, we gather a part of our food from the wild herbs, flowers and even mushrooms… We give our energy, our time and our know-how to the world around us. (More…)

Ecology and Permaculture

The forest is a whole, all its elements are interdependent. At Eotopia, we are aware that we are part of nature and that the Earth is at a critical threshold for major ecological changes. But we want to take part in its harmony! To do so, we observe and get inspired by the natural systems. (more…)

Learning freely

For the forest to expand, the plants send their seeds and roots to new lands. In this wasteland they grow together throughout their lives. Like them, we continuously experience and learn. At Eotopia, we have much to learn and give.(more…)

Live arts

The forest is a space in constant change and constant creation. Eotopia is aligned with this creative force that brightens the hearts. We live art as an art of life, creating with what is given to us, what inspires us, together or in solitude, in respect of what is. (more…)