Eotopia ia not a fantaisist utopia ; on the contrary, is is a dream which is, on a very pragmatical level, open on the world. We feel it is time for humanity to contest the existence of obsolete systems and define new ways of life that are respectuous of the environment and all the beings in it. For that, we need to experiment collectively. Eotopia will be one of those place where people of all origins, ages, social background can come to share their experiences and knowledge, or their enthusiasm for change.

The success of this project depend on our capacity to evolve, whether it is in our way to conceive the human relations or in our way to consume the planet. To find harmonie in the togetherness, we need to abandon the habit of criticizing the other, and instead, work on our own emotions, learn to examine ourselves. Thus, Eotopia promotes individual change as a main tool for global change, with the conviction that all that is in this world is connected. Gandhi said it : “Be the change you want to see in the world”.