In Eotopia, we are definitely egalitarian, which means opposed to racism, sexism, specism,” moneyism”, “agism”… and hierarchism. Education is the basis and foundation of our social system. We want to explore to see if it is possible to establish a free education, free from dogmas, borders and limits. We also want the inhabitants and visitors of the ecovillage to be teachers as well as pupils.

Ivan Ilich and Paulo Freire are two sources of inspiration who define education as we do. We will transfer multidisciplinary knowledge without fomenting competition. We will prioritize practical, hands-on teachings over theory.

We will try to let the youngest learn by themselves, encouraging their creativity without putting knowledge in their hands but rather giving them the tools they need to discover it by themselves. Adults and parents are not meant to teach but to accompany children, given the latter are much more able to learn. Adults should see the children as an opportunity to re-open their own minds and learn as babies !

We all have talents, and Eotopia aims to be an incubator of those talents ! A great video follow about actual school systems and creativity…