Visit us

It is a pleasure for us to receive you! If this is your wish, we invite you to choose the setting in which you would like to visit us, in order to come in the best conditions for you and for us in Eotopia. There are five of them:

Aside from the open doors on November 3rd, all the visiting periods are full, we will no longer receive visitors until next year, our period of hibernation begins in November! We will update the site with the dates of visits for 2020 before November 20, 2019. Thank you!!!


Next open door dates: September 29 and November 3rd, 2019

It is the possibility to come on a day in Eotopia, we will share the meal like pot lick dinner style which means that everyone brings a vegan dish to share.

It is above all a moment of discovery of the place and the project, and to do this we will propose a visit of the place with one or two residents. You will then have the opportunity to ask your questions at the shared lunch that will take place at 4pm. The open house takes place between 10 am and 6pm.

The group of visitors is not limited to a number, so you can come at the last moment if you wish. For a better organization on our part, you can help us by filling out this small questionnaire which also serves as a document for carpooling!(don’t forget to put/look at the date of the open doors in the last column!) We also invite you to consider all means of transportation to come! : bike, foot, hitchhiking, bus/train, carpooling, etc. Here is our address: Link Maps (please respect the dates of the open doors to come and visit us, we do not wish to receive unexpectedly)


You have the opportunity to come and participate in a time of informal and/or formal sharing and exchanges around a predefined theme in advance. The spirit is to co-manage together a propitious moment of savoir faire exchange.

The duration of the stay is from 5 days to a week. These could include both participatory projects and retirement stays, collective youth or seed exchanges, food processing workshop and/or weeks of planting etc. We invite you to prefer open doors if you hesitate about your choice.

Time of knowledge sharing in November 1 to 6, 2019: Mounds and pond

5 persons max
Participatory worksite – knowledge sharing: Mounds and pond (led by Elsa)
Building agricultural mounds with dry brambles – or other ideas with these materials!
If the energy is there, we will also dig the pond under the apple trees, which should recover underground rivers… look for experts! Share our knowledge, and put it into practice!
If it inspires you, write to (please precise “Mounds and pond” in the object of your email)

We are looking for people with experience or knowledge in these fields, or people who are highly motivated and full of energy!


Planned over a 10-day period for 6 people. This period was designed for curious people who were ready to take part in the life of a group, in meetings, in tasks and possibly in the various works and reflections in progress in Eotopia. We invite you to prefer the open doors if you hesitate about your choice.
If you wish to participate during these periods, we invite you to complete this questionnaire: (available in February 2020). We try to align groups based on profiles to ensure balance of strength and enthusiasm during this time. Don’t worry about your answers, we love diversity! You yourself, and if we don’t invite you to short immersion this time, don’t hesitate to come during an open door or a time of sharing knowledge!
Visitation periods are full for 2019, enrollment for 2020 will be in February for April, May, September and October 2020. If you wish to come before, do not hesitate to pass during an open door, or to look at the availability for sharing times to know which will take place in Eotopia


Planned for a month or two for a family or two people who have previously completed any other period of visits or time on the site. This immersion is designed for people who want to create their own eco-place or join ours, or who want to help develop one or more pillars of the project over a longer period of time. We cultivate transparency for very regular times of sharing feelings, and we hope that these we will allow all to feel good with the immersed and to regulate possible tensions, or to shorten the duration of the stay if this option seems more fluid for everyone
If your objective is to integrate the project, we invite you to think carefully about all the principles of Eotopia, to take the time to read very carefully the pages of the site, in particular the charter and restrictions, and to experiment as much as possible on your side. We realized that the people who have already joined the project are those who could have created it themselves, already feeling in agreement with all the values it conveys.


Celebration time in Eotopia! Limited to 65 people to sleep on site during the festival.
The next Eofestival will be during the week end of June 21, 2020. Inscriptions next spring!

If you have any other questions, please contact us at


The Eotopia family.