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Gratitude for your interest in visiting us! It is a pleasure for us to receive you! However, to make our daily life simpler, we have some quite defined ways to welcome visitors, and we ask you to please respect them and not show up unexpectedly. We invite you to read below, in order to come in the best conditions for you and for us at Eotopia. We are currently looking for new members (and also for new neighbours!) If you are interested in joining our project, we ask you to read this whole page before contacting us. There are five ways to visit:

We’ll keep updating our website about changes and cancellations in our schedule depending on the current situation. 


______Virtual Open Doors on May 30, 2020_____PAST

It took take place online on the Zoom platform.

We have put together a video presentation of the place and its members, check it out here.

Next open door dates (2020): 29th of March, 30th of May (online, read above) PAST and October 3 (date updated)

It is the possibility to come for a short day to Eotopia, above all as a moment of discovery of the place and the project. To facilitate this, we will propose a visit of the place with one or two residents and you will then have the opportunity to ask your questions and share with other residents and visitors.

At 16h, we will share either a meal or a “goûter”, an afternoon snack. We do this in the style of a pot luck which means that everyone brings a vegan dish to share.

The 29th of March: The doors will be open from 14-18 with a shared sweet/savory snack around 16h. CANCELLED

October 3: The doors will be open from 10-18 with a shared pot luck meal around 16h.

We do not have a limit in numbers of visitors for the open door days, so you can come at the last moment if you wish. To ease the organization on our part, you can help us by filling out this small questionnaire which also serves as a document for carpooling! (don’t forget to put/look at the date of the open doors in the last column!) We also invite you to consider all means of transportation to come! : bike, foot, hitchhiking, bus/train, carpooling, etc. Here is our address: Link Maps (please respect the dates of the open doors to come and visit us, we do not wish to receive unexpectedly). Please also don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions in relation to the open door days.


You have the opportunity to come and participate in a time of informal and/or formal sharing and exchanges around a predefined theme in advance. The spirit is to co-manage together a propitious moment of exchange of know-how.

The duration of the stay is from 5 days to a week. It could include participatory projects and retreats, collective fasting or seed exchanges, food processing workshop and/or specific courses etc. We invite you to come for our open door days if you hesitate about your choice.

Forest garden course from the 29th of February to the 3rd of March (past)!

See Forest garden course 2020.

We will update here when there are new opportunities for knowledge sharing.


Tentative dates for 2020: 9-18 April, 15-25 May, 4-13 September, 9-18 October

Planned over a 10-day period for a small number of people. This period is designed for curious people who are ready to take part in the life of a group, in meetings, in tasks and possibly in the various works and reflections in progress at Eotopia. We will propose a few specific workshop themes for each visit period, but you are always welcome to do what you feel like. We invite you to come to the open door days if you hesitate about your choice.

If you wish to participate during these periods, we invite you to complete the questionnaire linked below. We are putting together a new system for registrations. We ask you to only fill in the questionnaire if you are sure that you can and would like to come for a 10 day visit.

In the end, if we don’t invite you to a short immersion period this time, don’t hesitate to come during an open door day or a time of knowledge sharing!

Registrations for 2020 are now closed. If you wish to come at another time, do not hesitate to pass during an open door day (maybe online), or to look at the availability for knowledge sharing times at Eotopia.


Planned for a month or two for a family or one/two people who have previously visited Eotopia either during periods of visits, open door days or the like. This immersion is designed for people who want to create their own eco-place or join ours, or who want to help develop one or more pillars of the project over a longer period of time. We cultivate transparency through very regular times of sharing of feelings, and we hope that this will allow all to feel good and to regulate possible tensions during this longer visit period. We leave the door open to shorten the duration of the stay if this option seems more fluid for everyone.
If your objective is to become part of the project, we invite you to think carefully about all the principles of Eotopia, to take the time to read carefully the pages of the site, in particular the vision, missions and restrictions. We feel that the people who have already joined the project are those who could have created it themselves, already feeling in agreement with all the values and the vision.


Celebration time in Eotopia! Limited to 65 people to sleep on site during the festival. The next Eofestival will take place from the 27 to the 31 of August 2020. The festival is full, we already have many people on the waiting list as well.

More information about the theme of the festival here.

Eotopia is looking for new people to join our project!
If you are interested in living with us: First of all, gratitude for your interest! At Eotopia we have a specific process for welcoming new people. It all starts by coming to meet us, either at our open door days or during our visit periods. We do not receive visits outside these periods. Please see more above about how to visit us and register for a visit period, if this works for you.
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If you have any other questions, please contact us at

With the best of wishes,

The Eotopia family.