Visit us

If you wish like to visit us, we ask you to send us an email, specifying whether you would like to come just to help us, or in order to join the Eotopia project over a long term.
Therefore, we receive a lot of requests and it is not always possible for us to respond to all of them.

The next dates for 2019 are:

April 1 to 15 (full)

From 1st to 15th May (full)

From 1 to 15 September (full)

October 1 to 15 (full)

A festival will be organized in 2019 from June 13 to 17 (full)

We will also organize participatory building sites during the summer to help us build a small straw/earth house. (full)

If your objective is to integrate the project, we invite you to think thoroughly about all the principles of Eotopia, to take the time to read very carefully the pages of the site, in particular the charter and restrictions, and to experiment to the maximum on your own. We realized that most the people who already jointed the project are those who could have created it themselves, already feeling in tune with all the values it convey.