Visit us

If you so desire to visit us, we ask you to send us an email, precising if you wish to come just to give a hand or in the perspective of maybe joining the project on a long-term basis.
You should know that we receive a lot of solicitations and it is not always possible to answer positively to your requests. If your aim is to join such a project, we invite you to think over on all the principles of Eotopia and to read carefully all the pages of the website, especially the charter (…) and restriction (…) pages, and to experiment on your side this type of living. We realized over time that the persons who correspond the most to the project are the ones who could have created it themselves, feeling already in agreement with all the values it carries.
The next visiting period in 2019 are :
From the 1st to the 15th of April
From the 1st tot the 15th of May
From the 1st tot the 15th of September
From the 1st tot the 15th of October
We’ll also organize two festivals at the end of June and in August.
On the other hand, to avoid any deceptions, we invite you to read these two texts (with some passages that might look redundant, sorry!)
1/ Between the dream and the reality :
Eotopia is born out of the idea of spend the least amount possible of money to live happily and let the other beings live as well. This idea is still very present in our minds and constitute of the pillars of the project. This said, as many have already realized, concretely, money is still present. We have bought the place and we use money on a daily basis for food, tools, materials and other expenses (wood, toilet paper, gas, etc…) For some of you, this is a surprise, for others, it is just normal, and for some more, the ones who discover Eotopia through videos and books, it is a deception !
We don’t need to justify ourselves, but we want to explain why Eotopia went away from the dream : for three years, we have been looking for lands, trying to settle in different places et and each time we were confronted to obstacles we couldn’t overcome : property rights, administrative constraints or simply a lack of faith from the owner. Therefore, tired and animated by the desire to finally start the project, we decided to buy a place to secure the project and, more important of all, to begin ! Without money, Eotopia was only a beautiful dream, with money, the project lost some of its coherence, but it does exist. We are not saying that such a project without money is impossible, on the contrary, and we wish others will succeed.
On our side, we are tired, we must admit it, we have chosen a compromise that takes us away from the dream but let us start. Of course, we still have the gift economy on our horizon and the dream of being able one day to live without money. We are on our way and it will take the time it needs. Until then, if we try to apply the gift economy at most, we have some expenses, property shares to buy and that’s why we offer the visitors and future residents to participate according to their possibilities. Since February 2017, a page on the website allows you to get a clearer idea of what we have bought and on the manner it is done. (…)
2/ On the land :
The food
If Gift economy and money less living are in our values, it is still not possible to apply it fully. The garden don’t bring us autonomy yet and some expenses are necessary (electricity, water,
gas, tooling, etc).
We do shopping once a week (sometimes two depending on the number of visitors) to limit the driving to Moulins, the closest city (35 km away). We go there usually on Friday, day of the market. Two or three members go there for everyone (limited places in the truck). Of course, anyone is free to hitchhike over there ! An organic store gives the left-over (sometimes a lot, sometimes nothing). Each person buy what he or she wants and decide to share what she or he wishes with the group. (the one who wish to buy can give a list and money to the ones going to the city). Cereals, beans and vegetables are usually shared but fruits not (some, for there raw diet for example needs a lot for the whole week).
The non-necessary aliments, like nuts cream, biscuits, chocolate, tee, etc, are, as fruits, bought individually and shared if wished. Visitors are invited to follow this way, but of course, if for a reason or another, you can’t (you live without money or are in a particular situation for example), no problem, we just ask you to let us know.
Integrating the project
We are looking for residents to complete harmoniously our marvelous group and to lift some weight on the shoulder of the two residents who bought most of the shares of the property (4 and 5 shares each). Therefore, if the main criteria is the joy and happiness that comes when we spend time together and that we don’t want money to be a criterion, we need to precise that, for the coming months, we will give the priority to the people who can financially participate to this adventure. We estimate it is important to balance the respective financial shares. In the future, we hope to free ourselves from these constraints to open the place to everyone unconditionally.
The camping is getting set little by little. Comfort there is minimum but the house is open with warm water, electricity, limited access to internet, etc. Two rooms have also been prepared to welcome guests in case of storm or cold.
Length of stay
At the first time, we prefer to welcome you for a week maximum. This seems enough to make a first contact and to leave the place for others to visit us.
Some of you ask what they can bring, here our suggestions : Food (don’t forget we only go shopping on Friday usually and that fruits are not shared) ; tools, and other object you don’t use and that could be according to you useful here (please let us know before). We are for example always looking for bikes, covers, mattresses, pillows, blankets, tarps, toilet seats and music instruments… you will also find a gift box in the house if you wish to cooperate this way.
Last little point…
We are still at the beginning of our adventure and everything that appear on the website might not be exactly as it is in the reality. We already talked about the gift economy, it is the same for the usage of electricity, gas, and other things. Therefore, we have a fridge (switched off in winter), an electrical oven (rarely used), a water boiler and other items not necessarily very ecological… we tell you so you are not disappointed when you come ! You will also see we sometimes buy food that is not local and with packaging that are not always possible to recycle. We want to reduce our waste at a minimum, but, as money and other object, our path is not straight, but more like accidented, with pulsions sometimes hard to manage, especially when it comes to food. It Veganism is completely respected inside the place, some other pillars make us face our differences. Some would only want in Eotopia local and organic products when others feel a great deal of frustration when they can’t eat chocolate for example ! We have chosen a sweet transition so it can last… and the huge amount of work on the land already takes all our energies ! Our group is getting stronger with all the shared experiences and values, we are actually very different one from another and we are not on the same level when it comes to get rid of certain habits. We want to respect that, not forcing anyone to go faster that he or she can. The well-being of all depends on that !