Newsletter february 2016


Dear brothers and sisters!

First of all, thank you for your messages of support and all the energy it gives us!

Last time, we talked about the farm of Antoine which looked perfect for Eotopia considering its size and its location. After some weeks spent there, here some news.

We have gather some information – hidden by the farmer – about the juridical situation of the farm and the farmer and unfortunately, this situation makes it almost impossible to create an association with him or just settle there.

We are then landless again and looking for a new hope for Eotopia… With a twist : after some years trying to find a land for free and where we were facing each time an insoluble problem with the owner (relational, conceptual, juridical), we decided to also look for lands to buy so we can finally settle down and realize our dream. This decision was not easy to take but it seems to be the only way to finally get going.

newsFevrier2016-2On the other side, the time spent these last months organizing the place, cultivating the land, cooking delicious vegan meals gave us lot of joy and we learnt a lot. The adventure continues now with searching for the right place.

We also welcome Roman who – after spending some time with us – decided to join the group. He is becoming the treasurer of the association we are creating to ensure a legal frame for Eotopia.

Others people are interested. We will organize a reunion a soon as possible.

If you wish to help us finding a land, you can send us your suggestion at :
We look for a land with a construction permit (or a ruin/barns) with a land of a minimum of 2 hectares.

Thank you for your support, for keeping the spirit alive !

We wish you a lot of happiness !

The eotopians