Newsletter July 2016

dsc00987Dear friends !

Welcome in the pulsating and hectic adventures of Eotopia !

  As soon as we arrived on the land, we got strike by the priorities, not to say the emergencies. And of course, they were not what we could have imagined. And of course, they reveal as new challenges for Eotopia, and particularly for its vegan philosophy.

The house, abandoned for a few years and literally buried under rubbish was occupied by various families of rats and surrounded by an amazionan environment where swarm all kinds of snales and slugs, ticks and mosquitos. We wanted some nature, we got it !

You’ll guess that we have never thought of eradicating all those little beings… However we decided to organize a big clean up of the area:

  • Clearing the house and the land, forcing the rats to go away…
  • Sweeping, sweeping, sweeping, cleaning and cleaning ;
  • Loan of the weed whacker of a neighbor to cut the high grasses and ward away the armies of mosquitoes ! After, we’ll use only hand tools and scythes;
  • Installation of mosquito nets and use of natural repulsive products;
  • The cats are covered with floral water of lavender to help them deal with tiques and mosquitos;
  • A shaman friend communicated with the rats (and they seemed full of wisdom) ;
  • Purification of the house with burned salvia;
  • Daily meditation on love and compassion !…


On parallel of the clean up, we start different worksites :

  • Permacultural garden and composting
  • Building of the dry toilets, the rocket stove and a solar oven
  • Fixing up the kitchen with crates
  • Walls whitewashed to install the Ada-Yazmin and Benjamin family
  • Plot of land arranged to install the caravan of Sandrine
  • Clearing the attics and multiples “round trips” to the waste center

We also decided to set up a daily reunion which goes as follow : Sharing our emotions, meditation on compassion and a final “Om” to vibrate together.


The idea to save animals by adopting them is still a tenacious will but we decided to postponed it until we can fully clean up the land.

We also wish to save an apple tree from the misletoe, build a solar shower, a brick oven, a mechanical wash machine (with a bike), etc.

All of those challenges make our adventure look like an initiation trip and we are all passionate about it. We have tasted our first harvest of the year and in the evening; we can contemplate the beautiful dances of the red, blue or golden dragonflies, the flight of the storks above us, the sweet songs of the birds around and the croaking of the frogs! All of that sounds like happiness!

If you also want to experiment with peaceful ways to live, in harmony with all other beings, take part in our construction or gardening, and spend some nice sharing moments together, contact us !

For now, as you may have understood, the house and the land are not so suitable for visits, we still have a lot to do to make it nice and comfortable. On top of that, we still need some time to strengthen our little group. But soon, from the 15th of August, you’ll be welcome! We will receive you with an immense joy !

With all our love,

The Eotopia Family

PS : We are not so connected to the internet these days… sorry for the late replies !