Newsletter august-september-october 2016

14344740_1053676564745714_5201611956101243734_nEotopia open its door !

Hello to you all !

Summer is coming to an end, dragonflies still abound above our heads and the mosquitoes have almost disappeard ; as it was our main problem during the last weeks, we can now fully enjopy our little paradise. Life explode with the

We still buy most of our food… and we have to do 70 kilometers in total each Friday to get to the organic store. Whether it is for food autonomy or gift economy, we got to be patient, but we are on our way !

Moreover the garden starts giving its fruits and greens of all kinds, tomatoes, spinach, “tétragone”, cucumber, etc… With the knettles and other wild plants, our beautiful dishes become more and more local !

Since the 16 of august, Eotopia started opening its doors : a small dozen of persons came to discover the place. For our greater joy, some are already motivated to join the group on the long run.

Many of you want to come and it gives us a lot of joy receiving your email and seeing your enthusiasm. We are often refusing to let you come but, as we wrote before, if we would love to open the place to everyone, we are for now just looking for potential members to consolidate our young group and, if possible, participate to the buying of the shares to equilibrate the investment of everyone(two members bought 4 and 5 shares of 5000 euros each).

We got a lot of work ahead of us, we spend a little money for the food, electricity, gas and some others things and we try to be patient in our way towards a full gift economy. The garden is getting bigger week after week, solutions reveal, ideas sparkle. We are confident that together we will find the way to diminish our impact at a minimum, harmonize our presence with the one of other beings and bring more peace and joy in this world !

Here a little photo album to replace the words and show how we are doing : album facebook

Lots of gratitude for all your kind messages, your support and offers. Those helps us confirm our project is useful and that Eotopia will last !

Love and gratitude,

The Eotopia family