Newsletter June 2017

Dear Earthlings,

It is with a complete joy and a lot fo gratitude that we write you in this beautiful beginning of June. After a complicated and tiring winter period, the springlike sun came to warm up our hearts ! We have re-opened our doors and welcome so far about 40 people in April and May. Beautiful encounters and some nice achievements on site ; for instance, the garden spread out over the land to host a hundred potato plants, 70 tomato plant, a hundred butternuts and pumpkins, zucchinis and all kind of various and delicious plants. We’re getting ready to get closer to self-sufficiency.

Some improvements as well on site with the participative workshops : a geodesical dome made with bambous from the site, wires, straw, sand, clay and dirt, all local and reused materials ! We created an outdoor kitchen with a new mud oven, an outdoor shower made with palet and we started to build the chicken hen !

The feedbacks from the visitors are always good and strengthen us in the idea that we do can bring joy, inspiration, hope and solutions for ou society.
Some medias got interested in us : we had the pleasure to work with Arte and France 2 to talk about what we do, why we do it, the limits of the experience of gift economy and of our vision for the future. This was as well an opportunity to get to know better the inhabitants of the village by organizing a pique-nique at home. We could talk to the mayor who confirmed that he was fully supporting us with our bizarre construction plans !

To keep with a positive note, we also finally resolved our juridical problems… the notary had made some mistakes with our case and we found a new notary, vegetarian, who helped us for free. After asking some of her colleagues, she found a legal solution for our special case ! you can check our new status (in french… we need someone to help with the translation!)

Finally, for the following weeks, here the participative workshops ;

We are not sure of what we will do depending on many things. What we would like to do this summer : finishing the geodesical dome with mud, repair the roof of the barn, create a room upstairs with palettes and straw for the isolation, construction of a greenhouse with windows, construction of bike-machines, etc…

The dates :

From the 15th to the 22nd of June
From the 29th to the 6 of July
From the 13th to the 20th of July
From the 10th to the 17th of August

Each workshop happens during the whole week. We share the food between each other, you can stay in the house depending on the available places or throw your tent. Dont forget to have a look at our website for more infos about that :
If you are interested by a workshop, please write us to

Some pictures : Facebook album

We wish you a beautiful month of June !

With love

The Eotopia family