Newsletter october 2017

Good morning, afternoon or evening !

Some news before winter comes. If the sun is less present everyday in our blue blue sky and the tomatoes hardly getting red anymore, the temperatures are quite mild .

We have lived some very nice moments with the visitors of September and October (as always actually) and we are now starting a quieter period to deepen the relationships and seriously consider the integration of newcomers. Three people are indeed actively into the process of integrating Eotopia : Pierre, Juliette and Vincent, and some others are on way. Sandrine also left the project for different reasons, one of them being extremely positive ! We feel a lot fo gratitude for all she’s been giving to the project.

On site, some significant progresses :

1. The isolation of the roof continues, it’s a long and hard work, we have to take out the planks from the palets, nail them again to the roof, put some straw in between, and all of that in equilibrium ! Some little mathematical problems come to spice up the process since the planks vary in size and thickness. Overall, it is an easy process and we won’t give more details because it might not be that efficient – we will tell you after the winter ! – but it’s completely free…

2. The greenhouse is done ! Some windows scavenged from the carpenter screwed together, tiles gotten from the place, a seal made out of lime and a combinaison of dirt, sand, straw and sweat to plug the wholes. We hope this will help to start the season earlier next year !

3. The garden is also getting a new look. This main activity of those weeks might not appear like essential, but i’ts actually quite refreshing for the eye and it helps get a clearer picture of what’s planted and what’s not. We just love it !

4. Besides all that, we keep mowing and mowing…

We won’t organise any participative workshops in november and we don’t have official visit’s week. We want to take a little time for ourselves. Visits will start again next year, around April probably.

Until then, we wish you a wonderfull fall and a good harvest !

The Eotopia family