EOFEST 2022 !

Hi there!

As some of you already know, we have changed the date of our summer festival. The Eofest 2022 will take place from August 11th to the 15th! We warmly invite you to come celebrate life with us.

Like every year, Eotopia opens its doors for an inclusive event 100% based on the gift economy so dear to us. You come as you are!

The program is defined by the participants, the food is brought and shared by everyone, the cooking is done collectively, as is the emptying of the dry toilets!

You are invited to come and set up your tent or your hammock on site and enjoy a little interlude to dream of a world that suits you.

This year, we have chosen a theme that resonates strongly with us: Enthusiasm!

Enthusiasm is a word that comes from the Greek and originally means “divine transport”. The dictionary defines it as “a powerful emotion that seizes one about someone or something”.

But for us, enthusiasm is mostly synonymous with life, with gratitude for being on this earth, surrounded by so many beautiful things, it is synonymous with celebrating and caring for what is, on all levels, emotional, spiritual, material.

So, Eofest 2022 will be about this intention and we invite you to come and share what makes you enthusiastic: games, writing, painting, music, yoga, psychology, astronomy, cooking, hide-and-seek, board games, debates, circus, theater, sack races, gardening, building, tinkering, endless discussions, meditations, internal or external exploration… This year we celebrate each other and everything that makes us happy.

Because for us, enthusiasm is an unlimited source of fuel that allows us to move forward, enjoy life and take care of ourselves. Join us in cultivating it!

Practical information:

Arrival (preferably) on Thursday, August 11 / Departure on Monday, August 15

Outdoor lodging, possibility to set up a tent or hammock in the forest.

A shared daily meal at 5pm, bring brekfast / snacks to last until then!

What you should bring:

Your bowl and spoon/fork/knife

A flashlight

Organic or natural soap and toothpaste

Bring food to share, the nearest organic store is 40 minutes away (Moulins), grocery store and bakery in the village 2 kilometers from Cronat.

What you can bring :

Music instruments and other items

A photo that represents you (real or figurative) to share

Chocolate for the residents of the place

Books/clothing to share/trade/give away

Enthusiasm (but if you don’t have any at the time, you’re welcome to join in! Enthusiasm can be contagious and masks are not allowed in the venue)

Here is the little 2022 edition survival guide to help you understand what you are getting into.

Pre-registration (limited to 80 places): https://tally.so/r/wzxXEq

Here is a link to propose / find a carsharing.

We will send you an email with more details and a program idea in a few weeks!

We look forward to meeting you or seeing you again.

With all our enthusiasm,

The eotopians.