Newsletter september 2022

Dear you,

Here comes some news from Eotopia at the end of this scorching August (but we breathe, we had rain!). More than ever, it seems that resilience is on the menu for the coming years and we warmly invite you to come and experiment with us other ways/voices.

The festival ended with a bit of rain to refresh the atmosphere and bring back some green to our drought-yellowed landscapes. We do not despair, on the contrary. The enthusiasm is there and we have confidence. Resilience is an art that is cultivated daily.

About 70 people took over the space to celebrate what makes them excited, from singing and dancing to yoga, breath work, sourdough bread and face painting, we had all kinds of rich and entertaining workshops to celebrate another year on this wonderful planet!

As the new season approaches, we have some news and reminders:

– Eotopia is reborn once again! As we are always questioning ourselves, we are rethinking the project and looking to reinvent ourselves. There is room for entrepreneurial minds who would like to participate in this beautiful adventure. Several axes of development: garden / ecological construction / retreats / artistic expressions… and an opening for other ideas!

If you are interested to come and try the adventure, don’t hesitate to let us know!

– We are also looking for people who want to live with us for several weeks or months to help us in the development of the place. If you are looking for a place to live and if the values here speak to you, write us!

The next events at Eotopia:

September 2-9: Visiting period with straw earth construction and garden refurbishment (depending on your tastes and desires).

There are still a few places left…

From September 19 to 25: Retreat on the deconstruction of patriarchy (reserved for people who were labelled male at birth)

The program will include cultural questioning, workshops and exercises, taking care and taking time, nature outings and moments of introspection, art and self-expression.

The objective of this retreat is to put words to what is inside of us, to meet our emotions, to learn to observe our behaviors, to understand them, to question them to reveal our true nature.

It is a common exploration of our vulnerability to show ourselves and others as we are.

It is also about learning to see systemic oppression as behaviors we can overcome.

It is about saying no to guilt in order to move forward in our full strength and face this patriarchal society that oppresses us all.

There are 5 places left.

September 30 to October 2: Dance Your Being

This event is not a period of hosting or visiting Eotopia. It is a workshop proposed by a resident:

“Come and reconnect to your way of moving, dancing and acting.

Through the body (and beyond words), come and connect to your authenticity.

You don’t need to know how to “dance”. You just need to have the desire to reconnect to your body and to movement: yes!

The Qoya ( will be there!

More information from her:

October 8: Inauguration of the cultural place “Au jolivert” in the heart of Cronat! (see below)

From October 15 to 22: Visiting period with ecological construction and refurbishment of the garden (according to your tastes and desires).

From November 5 to 12: Inner Expression vol. 3 !

7 days to get together and explore what is inside us that needs to be expressed. On the agenda: improvisation, musical exploration, yoga, qoya, ecstatic dance, meditation, internal family systems, etc.

Some news from Au Jolivert

Meanwhile, the story of our project of a cultural place in the countryside continues to be written. Work is progressing, the ground floor is almost finished. We still need to do some plastering in the toilets and on the second floor, the kitchen and some finishing touches and we will be able to open this place to the public!

If you want to help us, it’s between September 12 and 18.  Although this project is separate from Eotopia, it is possible to come and live in the eco-place during this period.

The official inauguration is scheduled for October 8 with a big party!

And to finish, a special mention:

Hey, we are the Racines (Roots) project, we were present at the festival. We are in the very first steps of the co-creation of a new collective place. Here is our web page: See you soon!

Wishing you a wonderful month of september,

The eotopians