Winter Newsletter 2022

Dear you !

How are you doing in this beautiful late autumn?
At Eotopia, the cold weather has crept into our homes and we spend more time inside than outside studying the 50 shades of grey that the sky offers us. It’s fascinating to see all the variations of this color… and how lucky we are to be able to witness it!

We ended our year after our last event, an Inner Expression Vol.3 that shook up all the participants as it should have, a nice invitation to introspection and questioning for the winter!
The organizers of this event are more convinced than ever that this type of encounter is necessary and we are planning another one for next year.

In the meantime, we have been looking for beauty and have launched ourselves into some overly ambitious projects. The Yoga room is being renovated… which deprives us of a precious space for meditation! But the result will be worth it, it will be the first room of the common house officially finished! ( 6 years later, it’s not bad…)

We have also started the embellishment of the living room and the results are quite nice. We will continue to work slowly over the winter and will tackle the bigger projects in the spring. One thing is for sure, we are finally giving beauty a place in our interior spaces (no pun intended), and it feels good!

At Eotopia, winter is a quiet and intimate time of year, with no visiting periods and little movement. If you can’t wait for spring to get to know us or to discover the place, you can always send us a little message… but please bear with us, we’re not too reactive with mittens on our fingertips.
On the other hand, we have already planned the year 2023. Before reading the dates, remember that the place is open all year long for immersion periods of one to several months depending on the requests. Contact us for more info!

From the 18th to the 26th: Garden Project! Come and join us in the inevitable annual renewal of spring to scratch the soil and sow seeds everywhere!
We have a big garden and lots of knowledge to share!
10 places

From the 15th to the 23rd: visiting period with different activities to choose from: clay construction, earthen plastering or gardening!
10 places

From 28 to 30: Open House! If you are just curious and are afraid of ten days in our company, don’t panic, you can just come for a day or two to discover us!
50 places

From 18th to 28th: the big construction site of the year, the mass stove is coming to Eotopia!
For this event, we invite you to contribute to the cost of the person who will come and train us to build an economical and sustainable stove.
12 places

From the 4th to the 11th : You are all waiting for it ! The fourth edition of the Inner Expression will be held in the warmth of the June sun… the theme has not yet been chosen, but the title says it all: we invite you to come and express what is inside of you, freely, without judgment, in self-discovery and love.
12 places

Nothing. Well… yes, nothing. We’re going to do festoches all over France… The place stays open for the immersions.

From August 11th to 15th : the festival of Eotopia finally found its definitive date. The celebration of the Virgin Mary’s ascension to heaven is particularly symbolic for us (no, I’m kidding!).
Come celebrate life and share your experiences/knowledge with us for a self managed and festive meeting.
100 seats!

It’s back to school! But it’s too far away for us, we’ll tell you about it later!

Notre nouvelle salle de Yoga !

The associative café Au Jolivert has also opened its doors!

We organize events and it is open a few days in the week. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get more involved in the local life and to meet new people. If it’s not always crowded, we are satisfied with the beginning. It is very encouraging. We have recently launched a website:
If you want to organize events, concerts, propose workshops or trainings, the space is really nice and in constant evolution, let us know!

Until we see you (again) during one of these periods, we wish you a very nice winter, soft scarves, tasty squash, good company and a lot of introspection!

The Eotopia family