Newsletter winter 2019

Dear friends of the world,

Vive l’hiver!Viva el invierno !

Long live the winter! Long live the cold, long live the changing seasons which allow us to see the world with new eyes! The countryside wrapped in a white blanket gives us the possibility of breathing fresh air and inspirations. OK, it’s a bit cold outside… and still also inside. Our stove is able to heat one room where we are passing the majority of our time… we reach 16 degrees, and we’re making it through. Seen from the positive side, we are not at all regretting not having a fridge since the kitchen doesn’t get above 5 degrees..!

In relation to activities, we’re evolving slowly with loads of discussions particularly preparing for our three days of family gathering in early March, where we will be working on the basis of our project. We’re also doing a little bit of gardening, mulching, planning, clearing, some work on insulation (and big puzzle-solving to try and find the most ecological and sustainable solutions with the lowest costs…) as well as a lot of reading.

We’ve finalized our overall agenda for the first part of 2019. There are two visiting periods open from the 1st until the 15th of April and from the 1st until the 15th of May, respectively. We are however already almost full… but there are a few spaces left for the month of May. And, for those who would still really like to discover Eotopia, we will also be welcoming visitors from the 1st to the 15th of September plus the 1st to the 15th of October, and the Eofest 2019 will also be a great opportunity! For this, we will be welcoming you all from the 13th to 17th of June at Eotopia to celebrate living together.

For Eofest 2019, we’re inviting you all to join us in our current reflections on what it means to live together, and which tools are useful to find harmony with oneself and those one is surrounded by, as well as with all other beings!

Just like last year, we’re inviting you to arrive from Thursday to pitch your tent and be ready from Friday morning to start the sessions and workshops. On the programme (which is still under development) there are loads of ideas (please add more, if you like): empathic communication, meditation sessions, sociocracy, how (and why) to create an ecovillage, speaking circles, artistic mending workshop, sweat lodge, landart, yoga, wild kitchen workshop etc.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a specific idea, a workshops to propose or other things!

We’re full !!!

And here is a little video from the festival last year:

In the meantime, may the winter be a source of peace and introspection to allow all to jump into the spring in the most fruitful way.

A wonderful new year to all,

The Eotopia family

Newsletter November 2018

Winter is definitely coming early this year! While we were enjoying summertime in October, snow came suddenly to freeze the remaining tomatoes!

As for most gardens in France, it’s been a great year for tomatoes, paprikas and chillies! However, our cabbages and corn have had some difficulties with the drought…

We’ll start again next year with the same idea from the 1st to the 15th of April and the 1st to the 15th of May. June will be dedicated to the organisation of the festival which is planned to take place on the third weekend of that month.

On site, things are changing a bit… and we express all our gratitude towards the helpers and mother earth who feeds us so abundantly!

We’ve finished the renovation of the floors of the garages and now, our basement is fully operational. We’ve also installed our bike workshop in the barn.

All spaces are now defined… or almost. The big room upstairs is planned to turn into a yoga and meditation room this winter.

The cabin of Yazmin and Benjamin will wait until next year to get finished… we’ve only put the floor so far… it goes slowly, but surely! We’ll start in April with the same materials – pallets, clay and straw.

We’ve had the visit of some bike geeks who redesigned the bike washing machine. We can now clean our clothes and even speed up to spin! We’ve also got the bike machine to produce electricity, which was made by some students for us last year, up and running. We can use it to charge our smartphone… with about 5 hours of our time! Clearly, some improvements can be made, but like everything here, we move forward at a slow and happy pace!


These days, we’re planning the forest garden and planting some trees.

We wish you a great winter and see you next spring!

Skittishingly yours,

The Eotopia family

Newsletter august 2018

Dear you,

Earth seems to be heating as never… is the end of the world finally coming ? Is it time for the big collapse ?

At Eotopia, talks are going on and on about it. Even if we are trying to remain as much as possible in the present, we can’t help ourselves to project in a possible future without electricity, transportation and supermarkets… what will we do ?

Our conclusion : whatever happens in the coming years, better to be prepared from now to an autonomous way of life ( before being forced into it) and, more importantly, enjoy fully what life can offer today.

Free and daily pleasures which exist since the beginning of times and will never disappear : a walk in the forest in the moonlight, a starry sky, a dive in the delicious water of the Loire, a gaspacho with the abondant tomatoes of the garden, an animated discussion (Viva la NVC!) around a friendly table, some music under a tree…

Therefore, fo celebrate the heat, we invite you warmly to quit your job if you have one to live fully your life, become a self-employed person or just leave money away, start a garden, in your place or anywhere, share, as much as you can, understanding the others around you, laugh, as loud as never and love what’s surround you.

In eotopia, it’s what we’re trying to do. We also take adventage of the heat to rest after the festival which was great… no words to really talk about it… but a video ! Maybe it’ll motivate you to come next year.

We chose to close the place for august to spend some time among us and have important redefining reunions. We also changed our visitor’s routine. From now on, we’ll welcome people from two weeks for the first 15 days of september and october. We’re already full…

We’re sending a lot of good vibes for the summer, some freshness in your heart and a lot of hope for a smoother world !


The Eotopia family

Newsletter spring 2018

Good day everyone,

It’s a big pleasure to give you some news after a rainy (and sometimes snowy) but happy winter ! The communal house has been quiet for the brave resident who stayed with a collection of butternuts and the cats Osiris and Ramsès who finally became friends. Juliette and Vincent have appreciated each day and are proud to say they are fully enjoying this life changing step.

We are now all back or almost on the land for the eternal rebirth of nature. On schedule, for the main activities : planting trees, apple and prune trees ; plant as much seeds as possible (we’ve done already hundreds in our new veranda/greenhouse ; finish the phytodepuration bassin started in February ; isolate the greenhouse in front of the house with some clay and straw ; prepare the garden ; finish the isolation of the roof ; install the solar heat system and prepare the festival coming in June 2018 !

About the festival, some news. We have already 19 people who subscribed, hurry ! The theme will honor the name Eotopia which means on the way towards utopia. We invite you to take part in the creation of a small ecovillage with the construction of dry toilets, a kitchen with rocket stove, the preparation of a garden et the buildings of small chalets with palettes. A good training for when you’ll get your land ! On side of that, many other things : yoga, meditation, confection of dental paste, wooden tools, tawashis, paper masks and cooking lessons with wild plants. You are also invited to offer a workshop or an activity of your own !

Until then, we re-open our doors to everyone from the 2nd of april 2018. Here the visiting time :

Du 2 au 8 april

Du 16 au 22 april

Du 28 avril au 5 may

Du 11 au 18 may

Du 24 au 30 may

Du 5 au 12 june

Du 20 au 27 june (preparation for the festival)

Du 28 june au 2 july : the festival !

You’re welcome for a week or just some days, food is shared between each other, lodging in tent or inside the house if we have some place left. Please read attentively our website and especially the pages under : « participate »

If you want to come, write to

Hoping to see you (again), we wish to you a wonderful spring !

The Eotopia family

Newsletter december 2017

Dear earthlings,

Winter has come and eotopia is more than ever in hibernation. Only a few activities will be organized during that time by the guardians of the temple : Juliette and Vincent. They are ready to brave the cold and loneliness while winter will gently prepare the soil for the spring. Where will be the others ? Some have cowarldy flewed towards Mexico, some others are working in Paris, write their thesis or just spend some quality time between lovers.

Just before we officially close our doors, we finished the structure of our futur Greenhouse/veranda in front of the house. It’s not too big, about 10 m2, but it should help tomatoes and other plants giving fruits earlier and heat a little bit the house. We’ve used only reused materials, palets, windows, doors et some planks gathered here and there. We’re waiting for the spring to isolate with dirt and straw. If it works the way we hope, we might extend it in the future.

Garden is resting and besides some kale, cabbages, arugula and chards, there is not much. Some beans grow in the greenhouse and the berries are hibernating.

We haven’t defined yet precise dates for the opening of the place for visitors. What we know is that we will keep receiving people two weeks per month. It worked fine until now. We’ll let you know in march for the next visitor’s periods.

However, we have some dates to give you, and not the least ones ! We will organise our first Eotopia festival this summer. It will take place from the wednesday 27th of June to the monday 2nd of july. Places are limited since we want to keep this first festival quite small with no more than 70 attendees. So please, if you are interested, let us know !

This festival will be a gathering where everyone will be able to offer a workshop or an activity (please let us know in advance), meals will be taken together with the food everyone will bring or that will be rescued around, the event will be completely self-organised to celebrate gift economy, trust and consciousness. We will communicate more about this festival, the different activities in the future.

But it’s still a bit far ahead, in the meantime, have a wonderful winter !

With love,

The Eotopia family

Newsletter october 2017

Good morning, afternoon or evening !

Some news before winter comes. If the sun is less present everyday in our blue blue sky and the tomatoes hardly getting red anymore, the temperatures are quite mild .

We have lived some very nice moments with the visitors of September and October (as always actually) and we are now starting a quieter period to deepen the relationships and seriously consider the integration of newcomers. Three people are indeed actively into the process of integrating Eotopia : Pierre, Juliette and Vincent, and some others are on way. Sandrine also left the project for different reasons, one of them being extremely positive ! We feel a lot fo gratitude for all she’s been giving to the project.

On site, some significant progresses :

1. The isolation of the roof continues, it’s a long and hard work, we have to take out the planks from the palets, nail them again to the roof, put some straw in between, and all of that in equilibrium ! Some little mathematical problems come to spice up the process since the planks vary in size and thickness. Overall, it is an easy process and we won’t give more details because it might not be that efficient – we will tell you after the winter ! – but it’s completely free…

2. The greenhouse is done ! Some windows scavenged from the carpenter screwed together, tiles gotten from the place, a seal made out of lime and a combinaison of dirt, sand, straw and sweat to plug the wholes. We hope this will help to start the season earlier next year !

3. The garden is also getting a new look. This main activity of those weeks might not appear like essential, but i’ts actually quite refreshing for the eye and it helps get a clearer picture of what’s planted and what’s not. We just love it !

4. Besides all that, we keep mowing and mowing…

We won’t organise any participative workshops in november and we don’t have official visit’s week. We want to take a little time for ourselves. Visits will start again next year, around April probably.

Until then, we wish you a wonderfull fall and a good harvest !

The Eotopia family

Newsletter august 2017

Good morning, evening, night and on ! It is with a great joy we are sharing some summery news !

You are many to write us this last weeks, many wanting to come visit this summer, unfortunately, we have been obliged to refuse most of your request since we are full ! About that, we feel it’s necessary to precise we have realized how important it is for us to keep the “1 week for visitors, 1 week without” to be able to take some time for ourselves, to do activities in a smaller group, live experiences that consolidate the group of permanents. Therefore, we can only receive people for two weeks per month, with means 15 to 20 people at most. That’s not a lot for our desire to share what we do with everyone but we try to be patient. Sure, a time will come when we will be able to receive more people. Although we have received more than a 100 people !

Until then, we’re evolving each day a bit more, with our hands, minds, our ways of exchanging and communicating, accepting and loving. To answer some of the commentaries we receive which we have found quite relevant, here a detailed summary of some of our summer activities :

1. Renovation of the floor which separate the cave from the garage : we used palettes to make a floor of 3,20 m to 3.60 meter without beams, without buying anything and, therefore, with the minimum impact possible. However, we have used some used screws and some electricity for it.

a. Europe type palette of 120/60cm. Strong and ideal for this kind of structures. You can get them in particular with the heating engineer, carpenter, seller of windows and verandas.

b. Free standing structure with included shelves for the harvest.

c. Isolation with clay extracted from the land, wet, steeped and mixed with straw given by the neighbors.

2. This room has been renovated to welcome our brand new bike-washing-machine ! It’s been some times we wanted to do it. Thanks to some videos on the internet and the precious help of two visitors, one mechanical engineer and a mechanic, we have achieved it ! Some hours of work for a lot of satisfaction. The only drawback, we were missing a tool to dismantle the pinion and therefore we can’t complete the wringing. It there is any amateurs to give us a hand on this, be welcome !

a. washing machine with the opening on top, it’s easier. You can find it in the waste reception center or in second-hand shops.

b. we fix the pinion on the wheel of the barrel. It is the easiest way we found. You don’t need to buy any belt.

c. We turned the bike upside down so we can pedal from an armchair. Ungrowth is no synonym of torture !

d. you got yo make everything very stable, that’s why we took of the outside shell of the washing machine.

e. Recipe : with a washing powder made out of bicarbonate or ashes, pedal gently for about 15 to 30 minutes depending on the dirt, you shouldn’t go over 60 turns per minutes ; empty the water bringing down the evacuation tube, put clear water, pedal more intensively for 5 minutes, change plates if necessary, empty the water et pedal even stronger. (here it’s where we’re missing a bigger plates on one end and a smaller one on the other, next step to achieve 700 turns per minutes!)


3. We reap and reap and re-reap to cut the grass and prepare some vegetation cover. This technique has been used since last year and proved quite efficient :

a. Reap dry grass (preferably before the seeds are out), put the grass the way you want for culture, in big layers (40 to 80 cm).

b. Let simmer for some months, ideally a whole year, but after three months, it is already quite good.

c. the earth go smoother, life is developing in it, undesirable weeds are stifled, you can directly plant or seed.

d : The results in images :


Many others things happened and are happening, but the newsletter is getting big ! On a practical level, we will launch the renovation of the barn’s roof ; continue isolating the roof of the house with straw wet in clay (exit cal and cement for more coherence) ; keep on plan the different spaces thanks to our wonderful landscaper Pierre (see drawing below) ; start the construction of a sweat lodge in the forest ; reap, mulch et prepare the winter garden ; continue our ongoing learning of giving, unconditional loving, selfless sharing and renewed joy at every instant !

A great program to look for and we hope you’ll be many to come experience this with us ! Here the next visiting times :

September : du 7 au 14 et du 21 au 28.

October : du 5 au 12 et du 19 au 26.

Looking forward seeing you (again) soon, fraternally,

The Eotopia Family.

Newsletter June 2017

Dear Earthlings,

It is with a complete joy and a lot fo gratitude that we write you in this beautiful beginning of June. After a complicated and tiring winter period, the springlike sun came to warm up our hearts ! We have re-opened our doors and welcome so far about 40 people in April and May. Beautiful encounters and some nice achievements on site ; for instance, the garden spread out over the land to host a hundred potato plants, 70 tomato plant, a hundred butternuts and pumpkins, zucchinis and all kind of various and delicious plants. We’re getting ready to get closer to self-sufficiency.

Some improvements as well on site with the participative workshops : a geodesical dome made with bambous from the site, wires, straw, sand, clay and dirt, all local and reused materials ! We created an outdoor kitchen with a new mud oven, an outdoor shower made with palet and we started to build the chicken hen !

The feedbacks from the visitors are always good and strengthen us in the idea that we do can bring joy, inspiration, hope and solutions for ou society.
Some medias got interested in us : we had the pleasure to work with Arte and France 2 to talk about what we do, why we do it, the limits of the experience of gift economy and of our vision for the future. This was as well an opportunity to get to know better the inhabitants of the village by organizing a pique-nique at home. We could talk to the mayor who confirmed that he was fully supporting us with our bizarre construction plans !

To keep with a positive note, we also finally resolved our juridical problems… the notary had made some mistakes with our case and we found a new notary, vegetarian, who helped us for free. After asking some of her colleagues, she found a legal solution for our special case ! you can check our new status (in french… we need someone to help with the translation!)

Finally, for the following weeks, here the participative workshops ;

We are not sure of what we will do depending on many things. What we would like to do this summer : finishing the geodesical dome with mud, repair the roof of the barn, create a room upstairs with palettes and straw for the isolation, construction of a greenhouse with windows, construction of bike-machines, etc…

The dates :

From the 15th to the 22nd of June
From the 29th to the 6 of July
From the 13th to the 20th of July
From the 10th to the 17th of August

Each workshop happens during the whole week. We share the food between each other, you can stay in the house depending on the available places or throw your tent. Dont forget to have a look at our website for more infos about that :
If you are interested by a workshop, please write us to

Some pictures : Facebook album

We wish you a beautiful month of June !

With love

The Eotopia family

Newsletter spring 2017

Hello everyone !

We are giving some news after a long hibernation that was not so quiet ! Sandrine and Roman were the guardian of the place for the winter and they had to face many surprises, some more pleasant than others with some floods, leaks, frozen tubes that exploded, dish washing with frozen water… but they also had the chance to witness some beautiful white landscape and to meet some foxes and other mammals who were looking for food !

Today, we are now all back and it is with a renewed enthusiasm that we invite you to participate to our great adventure.

This year, we will organise some participative workshops :

Each workshop happens during a weekend but you can come if you wish for the whole week. We share the food between each other, you can stay in the house depending on the available places or throw your tent. Dont forget to have a look at our website for more infos about that :
If you are interested by a workshop, please write us to

From the 6th to the 8th of May : Gardening workshop

We are no experts in permaculture but thrived and passionate. If you want to learn to cultivate without using pesticides or any other products or share your own experience, you are welcome !
If it rains : isolation with the GREB method and/or construction of furnitures with palets.

From the 25th to the 28th of May : Palet workshop

Come to help us build a henhouse so we can save chicken and/or build other stuff with palets.
If it rains : Isolation with the GREB method.

From the 3rd to the 5th of June : Mud and bambou workshop

Come to build a geodesic dome with bambous and mud.
If it rains : Isolation with the GREB method and/or of a washing machine bike.

Other workshops will be held during summer, about the building of a tiny house, a bread oven or a washing machine bike. And if you want to propose/animate a workshop, please contact us !

Of course, Eotopia remains open for regular visits, whether your just wish to give a hand or to come live with us.

In the meantime, here the latest photos : Album facebook

We wish you a great spring !

The Eotopia family

PS : We are looking for a gazole car with 5 places to make it run with recycled oil and be able to come pick up the visitors without polluting too much ! Let us know !

Fall news of Eotopia

Newsletter of December 2016, January and February 2017

eoDear everyone,

After a sunny and bright beginning to autumn where we have fully enjoyed the wonders of our garden, we have now been seriously freshened up by the first winter winds! The outdoors work hasn’t diminished in intensity, especially with the clearing and brush cutting of the future living areas… We are spending a good amount of our time around a wood stove we found in the barn.

Nights are cold and we are discovering or rediscovering the happiness of sleeping in 10 degress or less under a nice pile of blankets.

Numerous visitors came to give a hand, some just to help out on the different work and others to experiment with the possibility of joining the family. Beautiful encounters, great shared moments in music or silence, delicious meals, various and surprising, a lot of concrete progress: the garden becoming bigger and bigger with the preparation of «buttes» for the next year, the isolation of certain parts of the house with straw and sawdust, clearing of different areas, planning of a Tiny House, installation of a caravan for Lucy and many other things.

In the middle of November we are still receiving some visitors before closing the doors for winter. Many reasons for that: with the cold and the rain, the interior space becomes quite small and community life more challenging, some members are leaving for the winter and others concentrate on the construction of the Tiny House (and get ready to organise a participative worksite next year).

We hope to open the doors again next spring, we will communicate the precise date in 2017! Until then, for the ones who really wish to join Eotopia, we invite you to re-think the pillars written in the website and take this time to experiment on your side. We realised that the people who correspond most with the project are the ones who, while reading the website find themselves saying things like: «Wow, this is exactly what I wanted to do» or «I found my tribe!».

Talking about the website, you might already know we got hacked a month ago… we have now recovered the website but we are missing some parts which we will be working on as soon as possible.

During a reunion we had, we took the chance to express our feelings about the four and a half months spent on the site and we can say that if difficulties exist and that community life is challenging at times, we are globally very happy and very grateful towards these experiences. What comes out strongly as well is the trust we all share about this project. Adding to that, the positive feelings of the majority of the people who came to visit (25 in total), it looks like our little utopia has some beautiful days ahead of her!

To get impregnated by our story, here are some pictures : Facebook album

Lot of gratitude for all the ones who came to help us and all the others who support us from a distance!

Lots of love for you all, great hibernation and see you next year!

The Eotopia Family