Dear future participants of the Eofest 2020 at Eotopia,

Like the past years, we plan to organize a festival at Eotopia in 2020. However, now when the present and future is more unpredictable than ever, we cannot guarantee that it will take place. On the other hand, the dream is (and will always be) there! We therefore invite you to dream with us about this festival. If we all do our best, it will surely take place!

Update: The festival will take place from the 27th to the 31st of August, 2020 – and it is full, unfortunately we cannot welcome more people.

Last year, as part of closing the Eofest 2019, we proposed a little game in which participants had to answer the question: Do I want to join or create a collective project? A majority of those present (about 80 in total) answered positively, confirming the trend that more and more people want to invest in a collective life project – in the countryside or not.

As you may know, in our vision, the forest is growing day by day with our desire to share and move forward together! At Eotopia we want to take this a step further, by supporting the creative impulses and see the birth of islands of wild nature and ecosocial experiences, places of collective life where we can co-create utopias.

It is therefore with great joy that we announce the theme of the Eofest 2020:

Eofest 2020: Collective Horizon!

If you have a project or wish to join this way of living, this time of sharing is for you! We invite you to a great outdoor self-study to share experiences, knowledge, joys and sorrows in this winding path that leads to the creation of a collective! We invite you to come and share techniques that help group life. Feel free to propose a workshop, a discussion, or any other form of sharing.

The members of Eotopia will propose, among other things, sharing of experiences on the creation of our place, on daily community life, on the challenges that this brings on a personal and collective level, reflections on the relationship to current legislation, construction of habitats etc, self-sufficiency, communication, inclusion and openness to differences, intergenerationality, financing, gift economy, schedules and meetings, etc… this is a non-exhaustive list!

This will be the ideal opportunity to (re)find each other and maybe even start some initiatives! The members of Eotopia will be delighted to offer “incubator” sessions to accompany your project afterwards. In any case, the festival will only be one step in this co-creation!

In parallel, we will be free to explore beyond this theme, to play games, music, make art, no-talent shows, whatever you like…

  • The dates: 27th to 31st August.
  • The place : Eotopia land
  • For who? Everyone (but especially those who want to start/join/co-create/open an eco-place)
  • Where to register? Sorry, no longer possible, the festival is full!
  • How much does it cost? Very expensive: your time, a little bit of your life and energy.
  • Rules? Yes, we do have rules! And not just one. We’re vegan, alcohol- and drug-free. Take a look at the website for more details…

Until then, we wish you all a lot of fulfilment in the present moment!

The Eotopia family