Ecology and Permaculture

The forest is a whole, all its elements are interdependent. At Eotopia, we are aware that we are part of nature and that the Earth is at a critical threshold for major ecological changes. But we want to take part in its harmony! To do so, we observe and get inspired by the natural systems. We take care of the Earth and the people, and we try to share fairly – it’s permaculture! In all that we do, we seek ecological coherence through a holistic approach.

We approach the harmony by:
• Edible forest garden and vegetable garden
• Using wild plants (edible, materials, medicinal, etc.)
• Creating autonomous energy systems (electricity, heating etc.)
• Self-built machines (bike machines, bicycle transport etc.)
• Ecological self-built constructions
• Dynamic water management
• Reduce, reuse, repair, recover, DiY
• Buying in bulk, organic, local and seasonal
• Sociocracy and care of social relationships
• Experimenting and learning through sharing on the land
• Activism outside Eotopia as well as simply in the garden

These actions help us go towards self-sufficiency in food and energy and through this to end the use of fossil fuels. In this way, we seek to let go of our addictions, to stop consuming first-hand products and to produce zero waste. By reflecting before we act, we practise economical degrowth and chose a simple and resilient life instead of a consumerist life in constant acceleration.