Whether you desire to spend a day or to join the group on a long-term basis, we ask you to contact us first by email : Please also read carefully the pillars, the charter and this :

To consider : we have been debating a lot about those choices and they provoked a lot of thoughts inside our group, opposing for instance the wish to not forbid anything and the necessity to establish certain rules for the well-being of all. This rules, inevitably, means the exclusion of certain people.


*Update January 23, 2019: We receive dogs with conditions. Please write us for more details.
This topic was hard to talk about. The debate was very animated. It comes finally that if you wish to visit us with a dog, know that his presence on the land won’t be possible. We regret this because we would have want to welcome anyone, especially all kind of animals. However, we live in a place with other animals, some of them have a phobic fear of dogs, and they wouldn’t be able to even walk in the land knowing a dog is there. AS it is a phobia, this could also happen with very gentle dogs, and the creation of a « dog area » we one time thought is not possible either. That’s why, if you wish to travel with dogs, we advise you to sleep in a camping and to let the dogs there when you come here. The camping is cheap and is hold by a dutch man who became a friend. (


We can’t welcome more cats for now since we have enough on the place and the cohabitation is already difficult. Also, we don’t want to have to many carnivore animals who eats wildlife around here.


Eotopia is a smoke free place, whether the cigarettes are old-fashion or electronic. To smoke is seen as a normal act in society and we think it is important to deconstruct this idea. The product is nocive for health ans has a great ecological impact, (land for growing this, transport, wastes, animal testing etc…) and so it is quite incoherent with the idea of living ecologically. Also, the people who would want to take advantage of their visit to quit smoking wouldn’t be able to do it with other people smoking around. If you smoke, we offer you a great opportunity to come breath fresh air with us !


For similar reasons explained in the cigarettes paragraph, we don’t want alcohol on the land.

Other drugs

Eotopia is a space to connect with our selves and our environment. Therefore, drugs, whether they are considered natural or not are forbidden.