the charter

Eotopia is a laboratory where is experimented happiness in a simple and sustainable way. Those who join this project wish to cultivate their well-being for themselves and for all other beings and they are convinced this comes with simplicity ; consume as less as possible so everyone else has sufficient resources to live or, better put by Gandhi :

To live simply, so others can simply live.

After some thinking and many trials, we decided not to publish any charter. We felt it would be reductive, unclear and give place to misunderstandings. Therefore, what we could call our “code of conduct” is condensed in the quote of Gandhi (and all that comes from it) and the little text below :

For a harmonious life together inside Eotopia, we don’t consume any intoxicants nor any products coming from the exploitation of animals (except from some rescued objects) : no meat, fish, dairies, honey, cosmetics or cleaning products that are tested on animals. We also don’t use alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, coffee, white sugar, etc…
We take care also to use parsimoniously certain objects that could be potentially addictive such as telephones, computers and we don’t have any television.
However, we are not against Brussels sprout, nuts, carrots, cereals and other delicious vegan food (local and organic) ! Not to forget creative activities to bound each other such as joyful games, music, shared meditation, etc…

NEW !  Addition of the 17.04.2016 : for the ones who love charters, here’s one !

— The charter —

This charter has been established to help potential visitors and new members to have a better idea of the constitutional values of Eotopia.

→ To consume vegan :

  • Food and drinks exclusively from vegetal origin
  • to use clothes, accessories, and other objects if possible made out of vegetal materials, non tested on animals and second-hand.

→ To refrain from exploit animals and choose to act for their well being.

→ To practice a vegan agriculture :

  • Respect and preservation of the living (“pest” included)
  • Follow the natural cycles.

→ Use as much as possible recycled materials or materials which can be then recycled.

→ To favour the existant, local and organic.

→ To favour as much as possible gift economy in our interaction inside or outside of the place.

→ To hold full transparency about the financial status of the place.

→ To decide together during our reunion all the purchases which are linked to the ecovillage. Examples : drilling machine, trees, solar panels, etc…

→ No animals can be introduced before talking with the resident of the ecovillage (this to prevent any problems with the animals already living in the place)