The Family



Ada means “fairy” in Spanish.

She likes to play with Usna, meet new people, make up stories, sing, play the piano, learn, play trampoline, play board games, ride her bike, go to Mexico, learn to speak other languages, and go to costume parties.  Ada is the youngest child in Eotopia!



Benjamin has traveled and live without money for some years, he wishes now to extend this experience on a collective basis to promote the idea of a gift economy. Some books about his experience are available at :



Yazmín has always dreamed of living in a place like Eotopia. She is an architect by profession and specializes in building with raw earth.

Her passions since childhood are astrology and the piano. She is currently working on a project for an associative café located 2 km from Eotopia to bring together neighbors, organize concerts and share vegetal delights.


After several years of traveling around the world, Guillaume joined the project in the winter of 2022, somewhat by chance, inspired by the warmth of community life.
In search of anchoring and meaning, eotopia is for him the ideal project to humbly embody the changes he wishes to see in the world.
Yoga teacher and movement enthusiast, Guillaume also shares his knowledge within the project and surrounding communities.


Mylène is curious to experiment the living together.

She likes to question, feel and explore the world around her with practices such as Qoya, tarot and collaborative games.

If you are looking for Mylène, she will surely be dancing in the Eotopia gardens 😉