Living Together

In the forest each individual is part of the whole. At Eotopia, we live together and interdependently. Each one of us evolves in consciousness, both inside our hearts and outside our bodies, in a language of peace and harmony. From spring to autumn, we reserve welcome spaces for visitors who wish to cross the Eotopian forest or to immerse themselves in it, regardless of their age or their social and/or geographical roots.

To live together we practise:
• Sharing a common vision
• Sociocracy (consent decision making)
• Putting the community at the centre
• Shared responsibility of all the aspects of the project
• Transparency and confidence
• Putting love into action
• Openness, inclusivity and sharing
• Active listening and non-violent communication
• Individual commitment to seek inner peace
• Anti-ageism and intergenerational approaches
• Questioning our addictions and habits
• Do what we “feel like” doing, not just what we “have to” do

The growth of the forest is possible thanks to the ability to evolve individually and collectively. Everyone does their best to take care of themselves and others. Like a large family, residents and visitors are invited to express themselves with transparency, to listen with empathy, and to respond with calmness and presence. In this way we learn life together and transform conflict into an opportunity to make the group stronger and our relationships more sustainable.