Learning Freely

For the forest to expand, the plants send their seeds and roots to new lands. In this wasteland they grow together throughout their lives. Like them, we continuously experience and learn. At Eotopia, we have much to learn and give. We want to forge lasting links with other projects and aide the creation of new initiatives. We want to disseminate information about what is possible – and why not be inspired and inspire others to have a positive impact on our environment.

Some means of free learning:
• Sharing of knowledge
• Spaces for experimentations that are accessible for everyone
• Non-violent communication
• Popular education

• Inclusive group games
• Attention to and respect of needs of everyone
• Anti-ageism and intergenerational approaches
• The choice of home education or “unschooling”
• Exchanges with the local network of friends and permaculture practitioners

We believe that the diversity of ages and experiences is important and that we can learn from each other without restrictions. A child makes us discover new horizons and an elder can be the pupil of a teenager…
We have all the right to make mistakes and receive feedback without judgments and preconceived ideas. In this way we can (un)learn together in this infinite forest.