The forest has a balance where each individual finds their place while respecting the place of others. At Eotopia, we strive for harmony by drawing inspiration from this balance. We only consume what is necessary for our well-being while trying as much as possible to preserve the surrounding resources and ecosystems. While accepting death and suffering as inherent parts of our world, we dream of a society where respect and empathy extend to all living beings and speciesism no longer exists.

Some commitments:
• Eating vegan, local, healthy and seasonal
• Promoting healthy food
• Live and share life with animals free from speciesism
• Outreach to other humans
• Curbing climate change

We are a species like any other seeking to live in harmony with its environment. We made the decision not to have animal products on site, even from dumpsters. The cats’ food is still bought despite our wish not to endorse the meat industry, so we savage some of it.