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Gratitude for your interest in visiting us! It is a pleasure for us to receive you!

However, to make our daily life simpler, we have some quite defined ways to welcome visitors, and we ask you to please respect them and not show up unexpectedly. We invite you to read below, in order to come in the best conditions for you and for us at Eotopia.

If you are interested in joining our project, we ask you to read this whole page before contacting us, specifically our section on Long Term Immersions.

Dates pour 2021

27 – 31 August

Celebration time in Eotopia!
The incoming Eofest is going to take place from Friday 27 until Tuesday 31 August.

Eofest 2021 – EN by Eotopia

You can register there:
It’s limited to 75 people to sleep on site during the festival.

You will receive a confirmation email in the month of August to confirm your registration. No need to write us an email, we’ll get back to you.

20 – 27 September
Discovery Week

7 days of visit and discovery of our place. Come and see how life is going here and be part of our family for a week. It’s the perfect option to discover collective lifestyle et to take part in all our activities.

This week is going to be limited to 12 persons maximum.
You can register via this form now. We close the registration temporarly, we need to double-check the availability of our residents for this week.

Please note that you should bring your tent/hamoc with you.

11 – 21 October
Participatory Workshop – Mass Heater

10 days of participatory wworkshop where the main theme is going to be the construction of a mass heater to keep us warm more efficientaly all winter.

Loads of learnings, nice encounters et plenty of good moments planned!

This workshop is limite to ~7-10 persons.
Soon a registering form will be available.

5 – 15 November
Inner Expression

10 days of artistic and spiritual residence with the theme of “Inner Expression”.

More informations coming soon!

This will be limited to ~7-10 persons.
Soon a registering form will be available to save your spot.

Past in 2021

1 – 31 March
Visits period

Planned over a week for a small number of people. This period is designed for those who already made a change of direction in their life,  who are willing to experience the living togeter and  who are ready to take part in the life of a group, in meetings, in tasks and possibly in the various works and reflections in progress at Eotopia. We will propose a few specific workshop themes for each visit period, but you are always welcome to do what you feel like. We invite you to come to the open door days if you hesitate about your choice.

– Week from 1 to 7 march. Past
– Week from 8 to 14 march. Past
– Week from 15 to 21 march. Past.
– Week from 22 to 28 march. Past
– Week from 29 march to april 3. Past

15 – 25 April
Participatory Workshop

10 days participatory workshop from 15 to 25 April. Renovation of the yoga room, construction of a greenhouse and backfilling of the paths

Lasting for 10 days, this workshop is the perfect opportunity to come and learn new competences and do nice encounters.

The main missions that we have planned are: renovation of the yoga room, construction of a new greenhouse and backfilling of the paths.

No need to have specific competences, the important point is that you come with your motivation and your nicest smile.

26 – 27 June
Open Doors

It is the possibility to come for three days to Eotopia, above all as a moment of discovery of the place and the project. To facilitate this, we will propose a visit of the place with one or two residents and you will then have the opportunity to ask your questions and share with other residents and visitors.

You can camp in your tent or hammock.

Please be sure to register on this page to receive all the info closer to the event.


Planned for a month or two for a family or one/two people who have previously visited Eotopia either during periods of visits, open door days or the like. This immersion is designed for people who want to create their own eco-place or join ours, or who want to help develop one or more pillars of the project over a longer period of time. We cultivate transparency through very regular times of sharing of feelings, and we hope that this will allow all to feel good and to regulate possible tensions during this longer visit period. We leave the door open to shorten the duration of the stay if this option seems more fluid for everyone.
If your objective is to become part of the project, we invite you to think carefully about all the principles of Eotopia, to take the time to read carefully the pages of the site, in particular the vision, missions and restrictions. We feel that the people who have already joined the project are those who could have created it themselves, already feeling in agreement with all the values and the vision.

Other questions?

If you have any other questions, please contact us at

With the best of wishes,

The Eotopia family.